Modify your Core 2 Duo CPU

After my guide about overclocking a Dell Dimension (90% success stories, thousands of pageviews), it's time to write about how to
modify a Core 2 Duo/Quad processor so it will pass 333 Mhz instead of 266 Mhz to the mobo (or 266 instead of 200, or 333 instead of 200).

All you need is a pen with conductive ink (to connect two or more 'pins' and some tape (to protect surrounding 'pins' or to disconnect them)

The pinmods below should work for every processor that fits in a LGA775 Socket.

266 to 333Mhz.

200 to 266Mhz.

200 to 333Mhz.

A green dot means: put a tiny piece of tape on the pin, the red lines mean those pins have to be connected with conductive ink.

Q: How to undo?
A: Use nailpolish remover to remove the ink, and/or remove any tape that was put on a pin

Q: Will this harm my processor/system in any way?
A: No, it's perfectly safe (as long as you connect the correct pins)

Q: Will this violate my warranty?
A: Yes of course

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